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B4 / Driver Check

Request for authorization for the Superintendent to investigate the feasibility of participating in the "Driver check” safety program.

Driver check program would help us present a positive image, help us identify problem drivers before they have a collision, reduce collision frequency and reinforce positive driving behaviors by creating culture of safety.

In essence, Driver check Program would be a positive instrument for the Department of Transportation.

Statistics regarding the Driver check Program show that about 80% of the calls are complaints regarding safety or discourtesy, 10% of the calls are complimentary and 8% of the calls are emergency related.

More important, less than 1% of all reports sent out come back as being false or vindictive.

Impressively, observations reports will be sent to us via fax, e-mail, or a combination of both within 2 hours or sooner from the time the incident is called in.

The approximate cost for a fleet of 1,700 vehicles is approximately $12 each for an annual total cost of $20,400.

I feel that $20,400 a year is a reasonable price to assist us in our ongoing effort to promote student safety.

In order to comply with State Board rule 6-3.017 (2) (e) u - Responsibilities of School Districts for Students Transportation relating for the school district not to affix any stickers or other unauthorized items to the interior or exterior or buses, a staff will be requesting a waiver in order to participate in the Driver check Safety Program.

It would be our intention to place "How’s My Driving” bumper stickers on all Miami-Dade County Public Schools buses should this request be granted.

Statistics From the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles reflect that an estimated 326,889 speeding citations and 233,014 written warnings were issued during 1999-2000.

I feel this will be another measure in the improvement of our student’s safety.

Let me add that in the past I have emphasized the necessity of having seat belts on schools buses to improve the safety of our students but unfortunately this board has not approved it.

Just last Monday, students from Paul Bell Middle School were involved in a school bus accident and many of them were transported to nearby the hospitals, and as you might know, they did not have seat belts.

Interesting enough an officer from the Florida Highway Patrol recently announced that all new buses starting in the year 2001 would be built with seat belts.

I feel that it is better to address the problem ahead of time rather than to lament us later.

This is the reason that I am bringing this item - Driver check program to the board.


Office of Superintendent of Schools December 7, 2000

Board Meeting of December 13, 2000

Demetrio Perez, Jr., M.S., Member


The "Driver check” safety-monitoring program is a safety enhancement system used by thousand of companies in the United States and Canada. This program is recognized by its familiar "How’s My Driving” decal placed on participating vehicles.

As part of the ongoing effort to promote student safety and reduce collision frequency and losses, it is requested that the Superintendent of School investigates the feasibility of participating in the "Driver Check” program for all school buses.

RECOMMENDED: That the Superintendent of Schools investigates the feasibility of participating in the "Driver Check” safety program for all school buses. Such study should include a fiscal impact analysis and should be presented to the School Board of Miami-Dade County, Florida at its regularly schedules meeting of February 14, 2001.

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